A heartbroken woman has a conversation with her unusual friend. They talk about betrayal, hurt, and their love for delicious sandwiches. But not all is as it seems...
Never judge a baguette by it's wrapper. Or maybe you should? A short film by Sarah Lamesch.


A short film by Sarah Lamesch

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Sarah Lamesch: What? is the first thing I’ve ever written, like a fully finished script. I always thought I’d wait until I’m more established to write my own work, but the opportunity presented itself and I realised I can actually write. It was just meant to be me and a tripod at the beginning, with Alistair Nicholls doing the animation. But then I talked to a director friend of mine, Sandeep Gill, about the project and we ended up co-directing the film. He also brought on a lot of professional people as he has a commercial background. We got so lucky – everyone loved the idea and was willing to work on a tight budget.

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Written by Sarah Lamesch
Directed by Sandeep Gill & Sarah Lamesch
Music by Tun Tonnar
Animation by Alistair Nicholls
Produced by KUK

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