Artcheck: Francis of Delirium & Julien Hübsch

Music & art live. Julien Hübsch doing his thing during Francis of Deliriums live aircheck session at Kulturfabrik in Esch (Luxembourg).

Artcheck: Francis of Delirium & Julien Hübsch

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Photos by Yves Stephany

Julien Hübsch about his art: "In my work I deal with contemporary aspects of graffiti and analyse how urban spaces can be perceived. Through that I relate to the phenomenon of post-vandalism. I am interested in where and how traces are left, how these traces are dealt with, which ones remain and how the rest are removed. I also draw inspiration from urban landscapes like construction sites and try to extract their artistic values, for example by using found objects as source material. Based on this conceptual framework I develop various bodies of works that oscillate between sculpture, painting and environment. In this process, the painterly eye for composition and color and the specific choice of material play an important role. This symbiosis creates assemblages that function as painterly interventions and at the same time as contemporary witnesses of an abstract urban space."

Francis of Delirium:
A fascinating mix of 90s grunge and Gen-Z DIY, Luxembourg-based duo Francis of Delirium signed to Dalliance Recordings following the success of debut single “Quit Fucking Around”. Led by 19-year-old Jana Bahrich, the duo completed by Chris Hewett, 30 years Jana's senior, make songs that communicate Jana's intense passion to connect with people intimately.  Following up their debut EP "All Change", the band is in the process of releasing their second EP "Wading" out April 9th.